Nonintrusive Cortical Stimulation

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In article <1991Jun21.140622.23392 at eagle.lerc.nasa.gov> sasp at venus.lerc.nasa.gov (James Fincannon) writes:
>What are the dangers in inducing electrical fields
>in the brain?  A Feb 91 article in IEEE Biomedical
>ENg Trans. describe serious studies into this 
>application for brain motor area stimulation. 
>The study was theoretical, but do not such fields
>permenently affect the areas stimulated?  Have any
>testing been done on people with this method?
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I have a few articles in front of me that may be of interest (I have not studied
tham yet)

Actually, they all deal with focal magnetic stimulation.

You might see the work of Cohen, Leonardo G. out of NIH.

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