Rat brain atlas

Jari Honkaniemi bljaho at uta.fi
Wed Jun 19 04:22:05 EST 1991

We are planning to do a rat brain atlas for IBM PC 
(and possibly for McIntosh). The sections would represent
coronal orientation. The pictures could be further processed
for manuscripts etc. To our knowledge this kind of software 
is not available on any commercial or public sources.
If you know that this kind of program is already available
or if you have interest in having your own copy, 
please e-mail/mail/fax me.

Jari Honkaniemi, MD

bljaho at kielo.uta.fi

University of Tampere
Department of Biomedical Sciences
BOX 607
SF-331010 Tampere

Fax +358-31-156170

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