nerve recording

Annick Ansselin annick at physiol.su.oz.au
Fri Aug 16 02:28:34 EST 1991

In <1089 at sophia.inria.fr> weigl at sibelius.inria.fr (Konrad Weigl) writes:

>In article <9108060848.AA25212 at ahi.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu>, markb at AHI.PBRC.HAWAII.EDU (Mark Bieda) writes:
>>  As I remember (somewhat dimly)
>> it involved something like allowing regenerating axons to grow through
>> holes in a chip that could thereby pick up the activity... Anyone out
>> there have more information?!

>There was a talk on that at the International Joint Conference on Neural
>Networks IJCNN in Washington (Not San Diego!) in January 1990.

I think there was a paper published a while back, 18 months or so, using a
small plastic plate with fine holes drilled through it - the idea being
that this could be developed further, using a chip and holes small enough
to have individual axons.
I have a copy of the paper somewhere, but I'm going on holidays as of NOW
so it will have to wait a bit.
Maybe someone else knows the paper?

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