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In article <4cf2E7G00Uh782RNpM at andrew.cmu.edu> fb0m+ at andrew.cmu.edu (Franklin Boyle) writes:
>> On a more serious note, how do you model memory?  Are you trying to
>> model it on a cellular level, or in a more theoretical way?  I've dabbled
>> in the field a little, since I wrote a paper on how hippocampal neurons
>> are involved in mapping the outside world for a course last year.
>Do you have a reference for the paper, or is it unpublished since it
>was for a course?

The papers I was referring to deal with models of memory at the information
processing level:

Estes, W.K., (1986). Array models for category learning. Cognitive Psychology,
  18, 500-549.

Smith, E.E., & Medin, D.L. (1981). Categories and concepts. Cambridge, MA:
  Harvard Press.

These deal mainly with statistical or mathematical models.  For other
computational models see John Anderson's symbolic models, and McClelland
& Rumelhart's connectionist models.

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