Afferent data rates

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In article <HUNTER.91Aug7113515 at work.nlm.nih.gov>, hunter at work.nlm.nih.gov (Larry Hunter) writes:
> The line of discussion high fidelity storage of sensory signals a
> question I have been pursuing (in the literature) for years without
> adequate resolution.  Maybe you can help.
> I want to find an empirically justified estimate of the amount of
> afferent (sensory, including visceral) information that human brains
> are faced with.  

At which level?

As far as I understand, the biggest task of the whole sensory input
system is to code the incoming data flow in such a way as to reduce
bitrate maximally at each step, while keeping relevant information:

For how that could be done, see e.g. Ralph Linsker's papers on models
of cell layers in the visual cortex.

So your question becomes really only meaningful if you state the level you
refer to, e.g. in the visula processing pathway:

The retina layer?  The nerve cells in the ocular nerve?  Cortex? 
Which layer there?


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