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REQUEST: Literature on Isolated Brain Perfusion Experiments

A J Annala annala at neuro.usc.edu
Thu Apr 4 02:52:03 EST 1991

I am writing a review paper describing the history (through the present
day) of experiments designed to provide artificial support for maintaining
normal brain activity following total circulatory or respiratory collapse.
The ultimate goal of such research is to preserve normal brain function
across lengthly periods (weeks/months) of cardiac or respiratory arrest.

There is a very substantial scientific literature (a brief chronology of
which is provided below) describing an increasingly successfull series of
experiments where animal brains have been supported by artificial methods
after complete circulatory and respiratory failure. 

If you are aware of any additional literature which should be included in
this review or if you have comments regarding the appropriateness of this
technology for current laboratory / distant future human clinical therapy
please reply with an email note to annala at neuro.usc.edu.


1812 -- Legallois put forth the original idea for resuscitating decapitated
        heads through the use of blood transfusion.

1836 -- Cooper showed in rabbits that compression of the carotid and vertebral
        arteries leads to death of an animal; such deaths can be prevented if
        the circulation of oxygenated blood to the brain is rapidly restored.

1857 -- Brown-Sequard decapitated a dog, waited ten minutes, attached four
        rubber tubes to the arterial trunks of the head, and injected blood
        containing oxygen by means of a syringe.  Two or three minutes later
        voluntary movements of the eyes and muscles of the muzzle resumed.
        After cessation of oxygenated blood transfusion movements stopped.

1887 -- Laborde made what appears to be first recorded attempt to revive the 
        heads of executed criminals by connecting the carotid artery of the 
        severed human head to the carotid artery of a large dog.  According 
        to Laborde's account, in isolated experiments a partial restoration 
        of brain function was attained.  

1912 -- Heymans maintained life in an isolated dog's head by connecting the
        carotid artery and jugular vein of the severed head to the carotid
        artery and jugular vein of another dog.  Partial functioning in the 
        severed head was maintained for a few hours.

1928 -- Bryukhonenko and Cechulin showed life could be maintained in the
        severed head of a dog by connecting the carotid artery and jugular
        vein to an artificial circulation machine.


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Mayevsky-A, Mizaw

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