Attention, Neurochemically Speaking

Bruce Raoul Parnas brp at bandit.berkeley.edu
Thu Apr 11 15:48:27 EST 1991

In article <23933 at as0c.sei.cmu.edu> tv at sei.cmu.edu (T. VanderHeyden) writes:
>What's the chemical action going on here (LSD notwithstanding)? Is there a 
>chemical released by some part of the brain that, when present, causes one 
>to pay more attention to details and, when absent, causes one to ignore 
>certain details? What's been written on this subject?

well, any reader of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has a clue to the
answer.  Attention is hindered by the presence of a Somebody Else's
Problem (SEP) field.  When one of these is emitted, the issue is treated by
all present as somebody else's problem, and is ignored.  This is used by
certain alien species to escape unnoticed as they visit Earth.  Attention,
coversely, must be related to the lack of such a field.

>Todd VanderHeyden

sorry, but i just had to,

(brp at bandit.berkeley.edu)
(brp at bandit.berkeley.edu)

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