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Conformational isomers and the brain

kurz 3 kurz3 at sun.uakom.sk
Tue Jan 24 10:30:27 EST 1995

Guy Tremblay (guy at harfang.login.qc.ca) wrote:
: Hi!

: 	I read an article in the January '95 issue of Scientific American
: about PRIONS (proteinaceous infectious particle) disease. These new kinds
: of diseases are caused by conformational isomers of proteins present in
: the brain. These proteins, besides being pathogenic, are able to induce
: other proteins to adopt the same destructive conformation.
: 	I must say I was quite impressed by the discovery. I have a simple
: question: Is it possible that conformational isomers could be information
: storing systems for the brain? Is it possible that these isomers would
: have been unnoticed by researchers? There exists no "conformational
: isomers detectors"... yet. Is it possible that proteins could be the brain
: RAM ( or ROM...) or am I totally out of it?

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Prions is closely related with chaperons. One of their main tasks is
transport of the some proteins across the cytoplasmatic membrane and repair
of damaged structure of proteins. Chaperons are enable to unfold and fold
proteins, which was structuraly damaged f.e. in the stress conditions.
	In my opinion it is may be other function of this proteins

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