[Microbiology] Sterilised LB media getting some medicine smell, while I was growing E.coli culture

sudheer sangeetham via microbio%40net.bio.net (by sudheer.pbm07 from gmail.com)
Thu Sep 22 11:14:17 EST 2011

Hi Guys
I am curious to know one thing that, I sterilised the LB media (which was
little more diluted). I inoculated the cultures with suitable antibiotics
and while I was measuring the OD of bacteria I could smell some medicine was
there from the media, I really dont understand why it was like that, but not
like earlier. After the OD was 0.55, i induced with IPTG but unfortunately i
could nt able to express the protein.

The only mistake I did was LB media was little diluted, except this, I think
I have done everything right...

With curiosity, I would like to know what could be the problem? If any one
has any idea......

Thanks in advance

Sudheer Babu.S
Ph.D student
Institute of Biochemistry
Biological Research Center

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