[Microbiology] Bacterial staining for Confocal analysis

RUTH SIELE via microbio%40net.bio.net (by ruthsiele from yahoo.com)
Sat Jul 10 11:53:51 EST 2010

 Hi all,I have a modified RO (reverse osmosis) membrane and I want to check biofilm growth on the membrane surface. For this purpose, I'm using two bacterial strains (E.coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa) in my system. I want to see and analyze (using confocal microscope) which strain is causing more biofilm on the membrane surface when grown in mixed culture. But, since I'm not microbiologist I don't really know which stains I have to use.
-  Do I have to stain each of the bacteria before mixing and growing them in the system (e.g.        red for E.coli and green for P.aeruginosa)? 
- Are the stains (e.g. SYTO 59) permanent stains?
Thanks a lot for your help!


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