[Microbiology] enquiry about bacterial culture in field application

Kanchanadevi k via microbio%40net.bio.net (by kdevik from gmail.com)
Tue Apr 27 06:41:18 EST 2010

Hi Everyone

I would like to apply bacterial culture as a biocontrol agent in field.

so, can anyone tell me what all the appropriate method used to apply
bacterial culture in field trial.
In what form bacterial culture is been transported to the field?

As far as I know, bacterial cultures are being immobilized in some carrier
materials like corncob etc.
But, i thought to Lyophilize the bacterial culture, make it in powder,
transport to the field and rehydrate it in water at the time of application.

can anyone tell me is this method appropriate for field trial or not?

If this is correct way.
What is the protocol for that?

If u have any experience in this area
can u please give me suggestion or share any reference paper which has the
protocol for the same?

I would like to study the basics of the lyophilization
so, please suggest me name of any Microbiology book which has details about

waiting for your reply asp.

thank you so much

good luck


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