[Microbiology] Re: Can any body give some suggetion about growing biofilm on RO membrane

Deirdre Sholto Douglas via microbio%40net.bio.net (by finch.enteract from sbcglobal.net)
Tue Sep 22 08:53:53 EST 2009

sajeesh k wrote:
> Respected Reserchers,
> I am trying to set a chemostat experimental set up using CDC reacter for
> growing Aeromonas hydrophila biofilm on Reverse osmosis membrane.
> Can any body give suggetion about the strength of LB media sutable for the
> experimnet and the dilution facter.Also how long i shuld run the chemostat
> to get a robust biofilm on RO surface.

Not to be nasty, but the entire purpose of experimentation
is to try variations and find out what works on your own...
if someone tells you what or how to do it, you're not de-
signing an experiment, you're following a protocol.


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