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Mon Nov 23 17:42:56 EST 2009

Shalini selvam wrote:
> Hello there!
> Thank you Mr John and Bob for the previous reply.
> Regarding the question on how to construct microbial consortia,  im trying to
> construct microbial consortia for bioremediation of hydrocarbon
> contaminated soil. All the papers that i came across grew the inoculum
> separately and then combined them. 

What microbes comprise your consortium?  Or rather, which are
you planning to use?  Contrary to popular belief, microbes aren't
plug-and-play, things like competition for e- donors/acceptors
comes into play once you leave the realm of the Pure Culture...
there's considerably more to the process than simply bunging
bugs in a bottle and awaiting results.

> Can we combine them directly and then test for the abiltiy of bacteria to degrade oil ? Eg lets
> say flask 1 contains 1ml oil+100ml media+2ml inoculum of one type and
> flask 2 contains 1ml oil+100ml media+ 1ml each of 2 different inoculum
> for the testing?

Hydrocarbons (which includes the volatile organics) in general
or oil, in particular?  And if only oil, then what sort of oil?  Crude,
fuel, clean, dirty, high or low sulphur content?

IMO, the experiment you propose has a lot of variables which have
to be wrangled into submission before you'll get anything like a
reproducible result.  I wish you the best, however.


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