[Microbiology] inquiry about the Azurine cross-linked (AZCL) substrates

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Wed Mar 11 22:16:03 EST 2009

Dear all
I hep you are fine and doing well
I want to measure the enzyme activity (cellulose and himicellulose degrading enzyme)  for fungi , I found one paper (Screening for cellulose and hemicellulose degrading enzymes
from the fungal genus Ulocladium) but it is not clear in the methodology how to prepare the the Azurine cross-linked (AZCL) substrates e.g(amylose, arabinan, arabinoxylan,
b-glucan, casein, cellulose, collagen, curdlan, dextran, galactan, galactomannan, pullulan, xylan and xyloglucan)
so, I need help in the preparation of these substrates.
thank in advance 
Mohamed Eida 
   Agricultural Microbiology Dept. 
   National Research Center, Egypt 
 Hiroshima University   
 Graduate School of Biosphere Science 
Assessment of Environmental Dynamics Dept. 
 Plant Environmental Science Lab.  

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