[Microbiology] Re: Bacterial peptides

Larry Farrell via microbio%40net.bio.net (by farrlarr from isu.edu)
Wed Mar 4 13:08:19 EST 2009

Amy SALKINDER wrote:
> To whom it may concern,
> I am looking for the following commercially available peptides, do you perhaps know where i can get them from?
> -Chlamydia
> -Candida albicans
> -Staph. aureus
> -Tetanus toxoid
> -Mycoplasma
> -Mycobacterium geru
> -Gardnerella vaginosis
> -Trichomonas vaginalis
> Your help will be greatly appreciated!
> Many thanks,
> Amy

Since the only peptide you list is the toxoid, it is a bit difficult to 
even suggest a source.  The organisms that comprise the rest of the list 
make *lots* of peptides!

Larry D. Farrell, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of Microbiology
Idaho State University

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