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I typically use kits for DNA extraction, with some additions, and have 
done well with difficult sediment samples. The two kits I tend to use 
are the Bio101 FastDNA SPIN kit for soil and the MoBio PowerSoil kit. In 
addition to these kits, I have on occasion added a heating step at 70C 
for 1 hour at the beginning while the cells are in the detergent buffer. 
Plant kits can also be good for removing other interfering substances.

I have also had the problem where I got DNA, but not so much that it was 
easy to tell, however, the subsequent PCR was blocked by an interferent 
of some kind, making me think my extraction was bad. If you think this 
might be your problem, the Promega Wizard DNA clean-up kit is great for 
making bad DNA usable.

University of Massachusetts

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> Dear all, 
> I am working with tar sands ( oil sands from canada ) and I have been strugeling to extarct DNA out of my samples , I have been using the phenol chlorophorm extraction method but unfortunatelly with no possitive results. I am would like to ask anyone for some insight regarding otherr extraction methods to follow in order to extract DNA from my samples.
> Thank you 
> val

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