[Microbiology] Call for Book Chapters in the area of E-Research Collaboration

Arin280 via microbio%40net.bio.net (by arin280 from gmail.com)
Tue Jan 20 09:58:44 EST 2009

I wanted to share a call for book chapters that's posted on the
research collaboration website, MyNetResearch.com.  It is for chapters
in the area of E-Research Collaboration.

There are many interesting issues that relate to e-research in biology
and other 'hard' sciences.  The major issue is that unlike the social
sciences and business, lab facilities and experimentation are central
aspects here.  Does this limit collaboration between, for example,
better-equipped OECD researchers and those from developing

Does this reduce the opportunities for collaboration in general or
expand the opportunities as researchers are able to pool complementary
physical assets e.g., labs to work on a single problem?  There are
many contributions that
could come from our group.  Anyhow, please take a look at the full
post at:


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