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Tri O.A. Samosir via microbio%40net.bio.net (by trioct_angelia from yahoo.com)
Mon Apr 27 10:31:55 EST 2009

my name is Tri, a student of  Food Science and Technology , Bogor Agricultural University.
I'm doing my final research at Surveillance institution (BPOM) about
isolation and identification pathogens that can cause fodd disease.

I know which forum discussion could I join to share about some research
in microbiology?Cause in my country is too hard to get the literature
(thanks before)

was some question, that I couldn't find the answer when I have been
asked to experiment with the reagents. Maybe you can help me, please...
Why serotyping of Salmonella enterica O and H antigen is needed? what is the overplus result doing this stage if we used identification by API 20E system.
As we know API 20E described the subspecies too, doesn't it? So by API
we knew the serovar without serotyping stage.  But  why in WHO GSS
protocol still use serotyping after identification by API. Is it to
proof something?
Thank you for the explanation

Warmest regards,

Tri Octora Angelia
Department of Food Science and Technology
Bogor Agricultural University
Ph. +62 856 2244 554
trioct_angelia from yahoo.com


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