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Thu Apr 2 10:15:11 EST 2009

Dear Researcher,

With a team of academics, I recently launched the research website,
MyNetResearch.com. Our website helps researchers to increase their
research productivity. Specifically, the website enables you to:

- manage your research papers and grant proposals online and access
them from any location
- conduct online surveys and citation searches
- receive expert advice on research and statistical design
- read about the latest research in hundreds of different subjects
- exchange ideas with thousands of other researchers
- collaborate with thousands of other researchers on your research

Currently, over 5,600 researchers from 95 countries and multiple
research specialties use MyNetResearch for their research activities.

I=92m trying to spread the word about MyNetResearch and to let academic
researchers know about this great resource. Regular membership is
completely free. I invite you to try MyNetResearch. You can sign up
at: https://www.mynetresearch.com/Signup/SignUp.aspx


Bay Arinze, Ph.D., Founding Editor
Empowering Collaboration=99

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