[Microbiology] Question on a MacFarland Standards

Rivera Morales, Luis [JR] via microbio%40net.bio.net (by luis.rivera from medtronic.com)
Fri Oct 10 16:08:25 EST 2008

Hi, Mr. Friedel

I saw you e-mail on the internet when I was searching for how to create
microorganism supension with a know population?  I know that some people
use MacFarland Standard, but We don't have MacFarland Standard, we have
Densichek colorimeter by biomeriuex.  Please, would you tell me how can
I prepare those kinds of microbial suspension given a know concentration
(for example, 10e6, 10e7 or 10e8).  

Thank you very much,

Luis Rivera Morales
Associate Microbiologist/Sterilization
Phone: 787-561-2840
Fax: 787-561-2413


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