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Bergey's Manual of Determinitive Bacteriology.

senaatlaw Atlaw Woldeyohanes wrote:
> Dear Sir,
>   I have isolated a Microorganism, Gram-negative Coccobacillus 
>   Streaked it on MacConkey agar, pink colonies started to grow before eight hours.
>   Today after 24 hrs, it is Lactose fermenting, good pink colonies, 
>   and is Oxidase positive too, I thought it would be from Enterobactericeae, but it is rare to be Oxidase positive or unless one of the rare ?
>   I only have the basic id. Material, and I am going to send it for identification to another Lab.
>   But I am so curious what can it be, I try to find out on my Diagnostic Microbiol. Book, nothing matches at this moment I may have to see more.
>    Mac, Positive and Oxidase positive, if there is some common microorganism which matches this or a good reference, would you please let me know.
>   Thanks
>   Regards

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