[Microbiology] Agrobacterium pt. 2

Barlett, Melissa A. via microbio%40net.bio.net (by mbarlett from indiana.edu)
Wed Mar 5 16:48:13 EST 2008

Hello again,

As an addendum to my previous request about Agrobacterium, is anyone aware of Agro, or any bacterium actually, that when grown on acetate as the sole carbon source, converts the acetate to glucose (and possibly further to cellulose)? Essentially, I grow my A. tumefaciens in acetate-containing minimal media, and I'm trying to determine if it is likely or impossible that fibers that I see using SEM are cellulose or something else. I know Agro produces cellulose, but it appears to require various glucose precursors, so I'm trying to determine if they would be made from acetate, or if I should successfully have cellulose-free cells.

Melissa Barlett
Picardal Lab
School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Indiana University Bloomington

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