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There is a method to identify a bacteria just by loading a PURE culture (by 
pure, I mean as John Gentile mentioned, plate the sample to get a pure 
colony and then culture it in a liquid medium) to a MALDI-TOF mass 
spectrometer. Each bacteria may give a unique mass spectrum. However, I do 
not think it can distinguish between genetically related bacteria (e.g. 
EPEC, EHEC) You can google it and some free papers will show up.

Here is one of them: 

You might want to email the author of the paper to get more detailed info.

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>I know something about microbiology, and more about spectroscopy. 
>Microbiologists don't use spectral lines to identify bacteria.  There is 
>some reserach on using molecular spectra to identify bacteria, but it is 
>nor part of clinical practice.
> sal2 wrote:
>> Thanks for the reply I was just looking for an overall database that 
>> included the spectra lines....this one is nice but you have to pay for 
>> it....I'm looking for a free one.....any recommendations
>> http://chemgate.emolecules.com/cgi-bin/rene/show_hitlist.cgi
>> Thanks
>> sal2
>> On Fri, 06 Jun 2008 23:14:13 -0400, John Gentile wrote:
>>> On 2008-06-06 14:50:35 -0400, sal2 <sal2 from sal2.com> said:
>>>> Greetings All
>>>> When doctors take samples of blood/urine  to find out what
>>>> bacteria/virus/ drug they have.  What type of machine is used to find
>>>> out what type of bacteria/virus/drug that is in their system?  I'm
>>>> trying to find out the machine they use and the database they use to
>>>> cross check bacteria/ viruses/drugs against each other.
>>>> tia sal2
>>> Are you thinking that it is as easy to pour blood or urine into a
>>> machine and out comes an answer? No that is not how it works and it is a
>>> very complex set of procedures to determine what infection a person has.
>>> Bacteria are isolated by culture, which means that a sample is placed on
>>> some kind of nutrient broth or agar and in a few days a microbiologist
>>> or a technologist will examine the growth and determine what kind of
>>> bacteria it is. There are thousands of different bacteria and the
>>> scientist must use his or her knowledge of bacteria to determine what
>>> tests to use to identify it. My "database" is basically in my head! If I
>>> have to use a reference, I usually use Bergy's Manual or the American
>>> Society of Microbiology manual of clinical microbiology. Once it is
>>> identified then we can apply different antibiotics to the culture to see
>>> which ones will kill it. Viruses are also grown in cultures, but of a
>>> very different matrix - they must be living cells for viruses to grow. I
>>> can't answer to how the different viruses are identified since I've
>>> never worked in a virology lab.
>>> And what kinds of drugs are you talking about - again there are many
>>> complex methods for measuring drugs in a sample. Maybe you need to do
>>> some more research on this subject and ask the questions again.
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