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Use an anaerobic jar with the proper gas generating packets. These are 
available commercially and they're not particularly cheap. If your 
facility has an anaerobic chamber you can use that also. The chamber is 
very expensive and you need gas tanks hooked up with special gas for 
this operation. They are hard to work in. Plates outside are easier but 
you must work fast. You look at your plates, pick your colonies, 
restreak, and put them back into anaerobic conditions - usually within 
1/2 hour or less or the isolates will die with air exposure.

We use BBL anaerobic baggies that come with a dry generator packet that 
activates upon opening. You have a minute to get the plates in and 
sealed up once the packet's bag is opened. We put the initial plates 
from an anaerobic culture in the baggie and incubate for two days before 
opening. Colony types after two days are subbed for aerotolerance 
testing. We open the bags, sub suspicious colony types aerobically to 
chocolate and anaerobically to a new CDC Anaerobic Blood. Each 
morphology gets their own new plate. The latter plates are reincubated 
anaerobically. You will probably need an anaerobic jar or anaerobic box 
to do this if you don't have an anaerobic chamber with gloves.

All of this technology is expensive. Anaerobes are not cheap to work 

http://tinyurl.com/3q2pkk - jars
http://www.bd.com/ds/productCenter/261215.asp - biobags
http://tinyurl.com/3eprrx - links to BD and other anaerobic stuff

Good luck.

Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)
Microbiology (clinical, not R&D)

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> Can anyone tell me
> How to check the bacterial gorwth under anaerobic condition.
> Actually i am doing bacterial taxonomy.
> In that this is one of physiological test.
> Growth under anerobic condition.
> Is there any special media to be used for doing this test
>   or
> Is there any separate growth champer.

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