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> Dear Sir
> I am working on  the contamination of Milk with Gram-negative
> psychrotrophic spoilage bacteria and I should diagnose
> and differentiate different species of this bacteria.
> I can not use Commercial kit (like API 20 NE )and I have to
>  make a smaller set of biochemical tests by myself.
> Because some of these biochemical tests (Like in API 20 NE)
> may not be necessary to diagnose this microorganism, specially
>  pseudomonas florescence I prefer the set be smaller
> and more convenient.
> Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
> Best Regards
> Alireza Bedeltavana
> alirezabedeltav... from yahoo.com
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API was developed with clinical isolates and was validated and
verified 20 ways to sunday.  Even in this, it is not always s accurate
for id of environmental isolates.  Please don't consider
identification a trivial exercise of combining a small set of simple

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