[Microbiology] Problem with cultivation on anaerobic solid media

Luzan Tatiana via microbio%40net.bio.net (by txl8326 from louisiana.edu)
Wed Nov 14 15:04:03 EST 2007

In my lab we use hungate bottles only for the liquid anaerobic media and bi-
layer solid media. We have to do inoculations on solid meida only using 
Petri dishes in the anaerobic jar supplemented with gas-packs or controlled 
atmosphere anaerobic chamber. THere is a problem in the chamber: the cag 
mixture we use is 10% Hydrogen,   15% CO2 and Nitrogen as the rest. While 
incubating plates inside, the media dries up very quickly and an enourmous 
condensation is forming! IT is almost a lake of water there. 

IS there any product which would absorb an acess condensate? 
Thanks a lot 


  Tanya Luzan 
Research Assistant 
Department of Biology
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Phone (Office): 482-5056

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