[Microbiology] Complete newbie question - Texas Red

skinnerd from gmail.com via microbio%40net.bio.net (by skinnerd from gmail.com)
Sun Nov 11 08:48:47 EST 2007


I should say from the outset that I know practically nothing about
microbiology - I was just after a substance that fluoresces at visible
wavelengths, and is excited by light at round 589nm. A quick google
suggests that there's some stuff called Texas Red which does this, and
that it's used by you sorts of guys. The thing is, I'm wanting to
cover objects in it, rather than peering down a microscope.

So... errr... is this expensive stuff to buy in quantity? Is it stable
over long periods? Is the effect reasonably bright - i.e. if I coated
something in it and shone a sodium light at it, would it shine red? Or
am I barking up completely the wrong tree here?

Feel free to ignore the question if it's as boneheaded as I suspect!

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