[Microbiology] query - neutralizing agent for fluoroquinolones

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Tue Jan 30 04:31:51 EST 2007

Good afternoon,


I have a query I am hoping you can help me out with.


We are carrying out the microbiological examination of non-sterile products:
total viable aerobic count (2.6.12 of the Pharmacopea Europea).


The problem is that we are working with an antibiotic that belongs to the
family of fluoroquinolones and to perform the validation step of the method
we need to neutralize this antibiotic (the dilution step only is not
sufficient), the problem is that we have tried to use polysorbate 80 (that
normally works with phenolic antibacterial agents) and penicillanase (that
works with penicillins) but none works with our antibiotic. 

Could someone tell us which inactivating agent/neutralizer to use with


Thank you very much, 





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