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Tue Jan 16 12:41:17 EST 2007

In response to Dr. Bathe and DGGE systems --

I use the BioRad D-Code system, and its the only one I've ever used, so
I'll give both its pros and cons.

pros: it was a reasonably easy system to pick up and figure out, and
though it has many quirks, their technical support staff is great to
help work through them. You can load it outside the buffer tank, making
loading really easy.

cons: the gradient maker requires some practice, I've gotten really good
at it, but it is manual, so easy to mess up and often bubbles get
trapped. I've heard that some people buy a separate gradient maker but
use the biorad system.

I have no current problems with it, and have run gels pretty easily. It
holds ~7L of buffer, and you can run two gels at once, with either 20 or
32 wells (I think, I only use the 20).

Melissa Rubin
Biological Sciences
Kent State University
Lab (330) 672-2071 

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