[Microbiology] Enrichment of biofilms producing anaerobes

Matt McMahon matt.mcmahon at chee.queensu.ca
Mon Sep 25 13:34:42 EST 2006

Hi I was wondering if anyone had any references/suggestions for
selective enrichment of biofilm producing anaerobic bacteria.  I am
familiar with standard selective enrichment techniques in suspended
culture and that most bacteria will form biofilms EVENTUALLY if given
the proper conditions.  My goal is to enrich for bacteria that are more
predisposed to form biofilms compared to  a pure reference culture that
I am working with.  My initial thoughts are to work with serum bottles
filled with a pelletized material to provide additional surface area for
biofilm formation and before transfer to agitate the bottles so attached
cells are loosened and can be transferred via syringe.

So in short, classical enrichment techniques favour suspended growth
bacteria with the fastest kinetics.  Is there any easy way to enrich for
bacteria with strong biofilm tendencies. 


Matthew McMahon, Graduate Student
Dept. Chemical Engineering, Queen's University
Kingston Ontario Canada  K7L 3N6
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