[Microbiology] Re: Petroleum Bio-Augmentation

mkmicrobio sking24 at wi.rr.com
Thu Sep 14 08:17:13 EST 2006


I did not see your initial posting.  How can I help you with petroleum
hydrocarbon degradation.  I have a lot of experience in this arena and
I am very familiar with Pseudomonas, Bacillus (rare) and a little
regarding Arthrobacter.  Most important is the type of process and
specific hydrocarbons you are treating.  Feel free to contact me
directly by my email as I don't get to this group as often as I should.

sking24 at wi.rr.com

mea305 wrote:
> Not more than, perhaps, two weeks ago, I sent a message to this usenet
> group about bio-augmentation and petroleum. If "anyone" should know
> "anything" about either the topic specifically (at this time, I am more
> interested in the historical aspect of bio-augmention) or has any
> information with regard to a web site that might be able to assist me,
> I would appreciate it. Though limited with respect to the needed "key
> words" to use, I would assume that there are those who might have a
> better insight concerning the use of any specific search mechanisms.
> Thanks in Advance,
> Mark

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