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Hi Vincent

Several dozens of  official antimicrobial efficiency test exists in relation 
to disinfectant evaluation.

These protocols are published by I.S.O. and the A.O.A.C.

You will find  the protocols are application specific.

In brief :

Most involve challenge of  a "use dilution" with a specific level and range 
of organisms for a specified time  and at a specified temperature. Most 
involve assessment in the absence and presence of organic challenge.

Efficiency of  disinfectants is most commonly assed in terms of log kill  by 
comparison of the post challenge survivors after neutralisation  with the 
level of  organisms attained at the point of challenge.

As most official tests involve challenge  with CLASS II pathogens  you may 
wish to question whether or not it  safe to conduct the work in your own 

Hope this helps orient you

Bets N10

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> Dear microbiologist,
>  I just recently asked by my supervisor how to evaluated the bactericidal 
> activity of desinfectant that used in our company, is the procedure the 
> same as antimicrobial sensitivity, or there's other method of doing it ?
>  The desinfectant that used are Chlorine derivate and Iodine, Thank's
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