[Microbiology] Anaerobic culture technique

Matt McMahon matt.mcmahon at chee.queensu.ca
Sun May 14 16:08:24 EST 2006

Hi all.  I'm looking for suggestions on anaerobic culture technique using ~100-150 mL serum bottles with butyl rubber stoppers.  I'm growing sulfate reducing bacteria and previously had a nice system where I performed gas exchanges on the bottle's headspace using a vacuum chamber hooked up to an anaerobic gas cylinder.  This setup was nice because it was quick (handled ~20 bottles at a time) and allowed for good control by ensuring all bottles in a batch received equal amounts of anaerobic gas.
The vacuum chamber will no longer be available to me and I'm looking for reasonably cheap alternative methods.  I know I could always manually gas each bottle in a laminar flow hood.  This option is somewhat tedious and lacks the previous degree of control.  
Any suggestions?
Kinds regards, 
Matthew McMahon, MScE Candidate
Dept. Chemical Engineering, Queen's University 
Kingston Ontario Canada K7L 3N6 
(613) 533-6000 Ext.  75055 (Lab) 75170 (Graduate Offices)
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