[Microbiology] Re: ESBL revertants

John Gentile yjgent at cox.net
Thu May 11 19:59:20 EST 2006

On 2006-05-11 07:10:34 -0400, "A. Seoane" <seoaneb at yahoo.com> said:

> Dear members of the list:
> After performing an Etest-ESBL confirmatory test
> (positive result), I noticed some colonies growing
> inside the inhibition ellipses. After subculturing of
> these colonies and retesting, the image is the same:
> Clearly positive result but with some colonies inside
> the ellipses that would render the test negative if
> taken into account. I remember having seen a paper
> maybe 2-3 years ago describing an effect like this and
> concluding that colonies inside ellipses were ESBL
> revertants. Does anybody know this paper? Does anybody
> have any experience on this subject?
> Thank you for your help!!
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I don't think I seen that, but we did have an isolate that had a 
smaller zone on the confirmation - it was an Induceable ESBL. BL was 
only produced in the presence of the cef.
John Gentile
Rhode Island Apple Group

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