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Larry Farrell farrlarr at isu.edu
Mon May 8 11:24:44 EST 2006

This is at least the sixth or seventh very general 
question you have asked, all of which smack of 
homework assignments (yes, I know you have claimed 
they are not but they still look very much like 
that).  All of them are such that someone trying 
to respond reasonably would expend a large amount 
of time and effort, none of which is reasonable in 
a forum of this type, particularly when the 
questioner apparently has not done any background 
reading or research on the questions asked.  Do 
your homework, at least to the extent of narrowing 
down the questions to a reasonable level.  Make it 
evident that you have made a concerted effort to 
answer your own questions by *lots* of background 
reading, and then ask questions about the 
remaining issues you don't understand.  It is not 
the intent of this group to provide you, or anyone 
else, with a broad training the biology/microbiology.

*Any* reasonable introductory microbiology 
textbook will provide answers to virtually all of 
the questions you have asked in this forum.

bhavyasai at gmail.com wrote:
> hi,
> can anyone tell me an antibiotic that would not interfere with these
> cell targets:cell wall synthesis inhibiton,protein synthesis nucleic
> acid synthesis inhibitions, cell membrane disruption and metabolic
> antagonism.and what role it (antibiotic)plays and how the disruption
> kills the cell.
> thanks.

Larry D. Farrell, Ph.D.
Professor of Microbiology
Idaho State University

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