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Tue May 2 00:14:31 EST 2006

On 1 May 2006 15:38:58 -0700, bhavyasai at gmail.com wrote:

>are transcription and translation the two DNA expression

Whether this is homework or not... the question is rather vague. I
teach this field and I am not sure what it means. Sometimes we get too
hung up on words. And sometimes, they are clear within a specific
context, but less clear in the abstract.

Transcription and translation are two processes that are both involved
in gene expression. I would not be inclined to say they are the two
expression pathways, but perhaps someone meant that. I would rather
say they are part of the large pathway of gene expression.

Transcription is making a copy of the gene as RNA, and translation is
making a protein using that RNA copy. Transcription is followed by
translation (in the context of making proteins).


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