[Microbiology] Re: Do any bad-smelling compounds result from anoxic bacterial decomposition of ethanol?

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> biovirus04 at gmail.com wrote:
>> Radium wrote:
>> > What odorous chemicals do anaerobic bacteria [excluding the
>> > acetic-acid-producing bacteria] produce when they feed on ethanol in an
>> > oxygen-free environment? What do these compounds' odors resemble?
>> However, there is an organism called Clostridium kluyveri that breaks
>> down EtOH anaerobically.  It's the only one I know of that can break
>> down EtOH, but I'm no expert on metabolism.  The reaction that it
>> carries out is:
>>      EtOH + Acetate + CO2  -->  Caproate + Butyrate + H2
> What if there is no acetate or CO2?

Then there is no life.  Both are either intracellular intermediates or 
products of a variety of essential biological processes.

Eric Lucas 

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