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Greg gfoersler at gmx.de
Mon Jul 24 04:22:36 EST 2006


they sell this kit for around $670 and claim that there are enouch
reagents for 10 analyzes.
Or do I have to count each dilution step for one analyze?
I think these mehtods also have limits of 1*10^7 per gram of sample
So If I assume the maximum count is 9.99*10^10 per gramm I would need 4
dilution steps to cover the full measurable range, so 2 1/2 complete
analyzes per kit, right?
That makes $270 per full screened stool analyze.

Of coures this is only the cost of the kit, and there will be labour
cost (although what I have read seems to say that you only have to
prepare the sample a little bit and fill it into the machine and press
the start button), and of course the cost of the analyzer machine.
I think such a machine is in the $100000 range, right?
But if I find a lab that already owns such a machine, and maybe has not
100% occupancy rate, maybe they would not charge more than a few
hundred dollars extra...

You seem to know a bit about such tests.
Is it right, that this full gene test kit would recognize any bacterium
that has been sequenced and put into the 16S rDNA library?
And could it tell the number of the bacteria species found?

Best Regards,


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