[Microbiology] Hydrocarbon eating microbes

Gman Ghainke at aol.com
Fri Feb 17 21:22:25 EST 2006

Hello all.I am NOT a biologist but have been fooling with Geochemistry,
searching for oil by examining changes in surface soil over oil
reservoirs.(Iodine, etc..)
Phillips Petroleum came up with a way of culturing soil samples to
identify soils that contain bacteria that eat hydrocarbons, the idea
being that these colonies would be elevated over suspected oil seeps.
I think their method cultured the soil in Butanol, and then they would
count the populations after about 1 week of incubation.
I have never cultured bread mold, let alone hydrocarbon eating
Does anyone have the ability to put such a procedure in terms I can
I'll be glad to pay for the info.
There may be other methods, I just need to look for bacteria that
specifically feed on migrating hydrocarbons such as Butane, etc...
Anyone with info. please respond!!Ghainke at aol.com. THX

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