[Microbiology] yeast s288c growth

Juha Parviainen via microbio%40net.bio.net (by jpparvia At hytti.uku.fi)
Tue Dec 5 04:17:14 EST 2006


I'm growing yeast strain S288C (MATalpha trp1-0) in 2L fermentor. The 
medium is YEPD and the setup is as follows:
  - fermentation type: batch
  - temperature: 30 'C
  - initial pH: 4.8 (pH is not controlled)
  - airflow (1.12 L/min) and stirring (300 rpm) are kept constant.

My "problem" is that I'm getting unusual pH- and pO2 curves compared on 
what I have been used to in fermentations of typical bakers yeast.
Please, look the picture 
I'm wondering what happens in about 20 hours after inoculation. There are 
sharp changes on both curves. Could someone share an opinion?


J Parviainen

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