[Microbiology] Conference on cat retroviruses, genomics and infectious disease.

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Sat Aug 26 12:49:54 EST 2006

Dear Colleague,

Please join us for the 8th International Feline Retrovirus Research
Symposium in Washington DC October 8-11, 2006. The conference promises
to be an innovative and exciting look at retroviral research, and this
year will also include speakers on cat genomics and advances in the cat
as a model in other infectious diseases: our program will begin with a
presentation on the cat as a vector/model for influenza research by
Albert D. M. E. Osterhaus.

Please visit the conference website at http://ifrrs8.ncifcrf.gov for
additional information, submission of abstracts, and registration.
Please note that the final deadline for abstracts for talks is
September 1, 2006, and for posters September 8, 2006, which is also the
early registration discount deadline.

This is an exciting time for feline infectious disease research and
also feline genomics. The 2006 completion of the cat whole genome
sequence holds great promise for expanding the role of the cat as a
model of infectious disease. We anticipate a unique blend of talks at
the conference, including the following:

* Mauro Bendinelli, Therapies for FIV and applications for HIV disease
* Edward Breitschwerdt, Bartonellosis in the cat
* Meredith Brown, Genetic characterization of FeLV in Florida panthers
* John Elder, Molecular mechanisms of FIV infection
* James G. Fox, Helicobacter infection in the cat
* William Hardy, To be announced
* Regina Hoffmann-Lehmann, Molecular biology of FeLV infection and
* Edward A. Hoover, Susceptibility of dendritic cells to FIV infection
* Oswald Jarrett, To be announced
* Laura Levy, Advances in understanding molecular determinants in FeLV
* Hans Lutz, Diagnosis of Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) Infection
* Takayuki Miyazawa, To be announced
* Stephen J O'Brien, The cat genome project: human & veterinary
biomedical implications
* Albert D. M. E. Osterhaus, The cat as a vector/model for influenza
* Craig Packer, Emerging diseases in free-ranging African lions
* Colin Parrish, Parvoviral disease in Felidae
* Jill Pecon-Slattery, Retroviral evolution in the Felidae
* Mauro Pistello, FIV accessory genes vaccination
* Eric M. Poeschla, FIV as a lentiviral vector
* Joan Pontius, Annotation of the feline genome
* Mary Poss, FIV disease in free-ranging cougars
* Alfred L. Roca, Endogenous feline retroviruses
* Melody Roelke, Disease in Florida panthers
* Peter J. M. Rottier, Molecular determinants in FIP infection
* Mary B. Tompkins, Immune dysfunction and dysregulation in FIV Disease
* Jennifer Troyer, FIV transmission: an evolutionary perspective
* Susan VandeWoude, Mechanisms of feline lentivirus interference and
* Brian J. Willett, FIV receptor correlates with disease progression
* Christiaan Winterbach, Studies of lions in the Botswana ecosystem
* Janet K. Yamamoto, Advances in FIV vaccine technology
* Naoya Yuhki, MHC genomics of the cat

Your participation would be most welcome. Please email Jill
Pecon-Slattery, slattery at ncifcrf.gov with any questions.

Best wishes

Stephen J. O'Brien, Chief
Laboratory of Genomic Diversity, National Cancer Institute-Frederick,
Frederick MD USA
On behalf of the International Organizing Committee (see
http://ifrrs8.ncifcrf.gov for complete list)

Local Organizing Committee
Jill Pecon-Slattery, Ph.D, slattery at ncifcrf.gov
Naoya Yuhki Ph.D
Alfred Roca, Ph.D.
Meredith Brown, DVM
Email: IFRRS8 at ncifcrf.gov
Website: http://ifrrs8.ncifcrf.gov

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