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Larry Farrell farrlarr at isu.edu
Fri Aug 25 15:05:41 EST 2006

Gardner, Catherine (DHS) wrote:
> Hello,
> My son is doing a science project.  we will be taking swabs of certain
> surfaces to see what is growing on them.
> what shoud we use and where can we buy these materials.
> help !
> a very thankful mother.
> ladyg32 at hotmai.com <mailto:ladyg32 at hotmai.com> 

Your message leaves lots of questions unanswered. 
  What kinds of things is he looking for 
(bacteria, yeasts, fungi), what kind of experience 
does he have in microbiological techniques, etc.?
You aren't going to be able to buy standard 
materials used for microbiology at your local 
drugstore or big box store.  You can find cotton 
swabs and sterile saline to moisten the swabs, but 
the swabs will most likely not be sterile so the 
swabs used will contribute to what grows.  You 
will not be able to buy petri dishes of 
microbiological media, which are required to get 
stuff to grow.

Larry D. Farrell, Ph.D.
Professor of Microbiology
Idaho State University

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