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The Crossley Milk medium assay was perhapes the most elegant test of that 
bygone era.

It permitted accurate detection and differentiation of three types of 
Clostridial contamination in milk based on protein utilisation/degradation 
and gas formation.

It was also duck egg blue which is my favourite colour :)

I wonder what other ancient microbiological techniques people know of ?  or 
still use ?

I remeber once just a few years back when we ran out of CO2 for the 
genereation of  anaerobic conditions  I reverted to candling ! and it worked 
very staisfactorily much to the amazement of the younger microbiologists who 
witnessed it.

Best N10

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> Thanks for the information. I knew someone out there would have some 
> information.
> Yes, microbiology has come a long way even in the thirty years I have been 
> in the field. I have no idea what type of testing existed before my time.
> Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)
> Microbiology
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>> HI
>> The MB test is an old method used to  to assess quality of milk.

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