[Microbiology] Hof fast can E.Coli metabolize hexoses?

Roberto Carlos Roberto1Carlos at web.de
Sun Aug 6 03:58:04 EST 2006


I am interested in how fast Escherichia Coli can metabolize Hexoses
(esspecially glucose and fructose) and the ammount of end products.

As far as I seem to know, E.Coli ferments Glucose and fructose to H2
and CO2, richt?

Now the question is, how much glucose or fructose can one single E.Coli
ferment in one minute?
I know one E.Coli can not ferment very much but I just need a number to
calculate how many E.Coli are needed to ferment 1 mol of glucose or
fructose in one hour.

So any number of E.coli and any ammount of hexoses is welcomed as long
there is a timespace included in which that ammount of hexoses is
consumed by that ammount of E.Coli.

I searched quite a while to find such a number but did not find one.

Maybe this question is also too trivial to be discussed anywhere I


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