[Microbiology] Tanya

Luzan Tatiana txl8326 at louisiana.edu
Mon Apr 17 12:25:27 EST 2006

I am a lab researcher, I am working on enrichments of Iron reducers. WE are 
using the FeOOH (hydroxide) as an electron acceptor: here is the deal: Fe in 
our environment is present mostly as FeOOH, not as Fe3+.
I found the e-mail on internet and want to ask you a couple of questions. 
I inferred from your message that you have an iron reducers culture. I have 
a problem with these guys. While creating the media for them, I am using the 
Fe2+ as an oxygen scavenger. THe thing is that the reduced agent I have been 
using (thyglicolate) is so powerful, that it is reducig my FeOOH to green 
rust (FeIII + FeII), thus actually doing the job of the iron reducers... 
What can I do? I was trying to put only the Fe 2+, but it still does not 
SO the question is: do you use pre-reduced media,  (resazurine is 
colorleess) or you use fust the regular pH 7 medium? 



  Tanya Luzan 
Research Assistant 
Department of Biology
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Phone (Office): 482-5056

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