[Microbiology] Re: hi

Bob bbx107 at excite.XXXX.com
Fri Apr 7 20:27:43 EST 2006

On 6 Apr 2006 23:27:46 -0700, bhavyasai at gmail.com wrote:

>thanks for replying .but we got thses six results:cocci,gm +ve,glucose
>fermenter,catalse producer,manitol fermenter and esculin fermenter.i
>wanted to know if we can generate a dichotomous key invoving less than
>six results.if so what are they?

You'll have to look at the results and figure that out.

In principle, it only takes three characters (each scored as + or -)
to distinguish six classes. In fact, three characters can distinguish
2^3 = 8 classes -- but only if each has a different combination of
results. Try it, as an exercise.


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