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>> I suppose more importantly than microbiologists on Mars  we need to send 
>> a cleaning crew to MArs to tidy up the junk rapidly accumlualting  on its 
>> surface
> Actually, it might be most important to start some sort of protection for 
> any Martian specis now before anyone gets clever and wipes them all out 
> while trying to terraform the place.... It would be nice to be ahead of 
> the game for once!
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Yes your right Lesley I wonder just how much work or thought  has gone into 
this area already. I cant find anything published on it.

My estimate is that the unmanned spacecraft which have already landed or 
impacted on mars may well have been
sterilised by the intense readiation which would have been encountered 
during the inbound  journey. However such is not a certainy
and some bacterial of fungal spores might had made to it Mars.

When manned flights go its going to be a whole different keetle of fish. 
Presumabley  the transit craft will be shielded much more efficiently from 
Any jounery of that magniutude is likely to involve a long stay. At any 
landing site they will might be appreciable biological waste to deal with , 
hopefully responsibily and with mimium chance of  impaction on the 
environment or contamination of the life forms which may be present.

Also what about the waste respiratory output. My space suit is quite old now 
lol and  I dont know if modern devices vent to external atmosphere  by one 
way flow or are some how are catalysed  or adbsorbed. If vented I presume 
the gases would have to be biologically filtered first. Not all areas of 
Mars are bombarded with heavey ions ( 
some  areas are  categorised as low risk so I suppose the counter 
contamination strategy will be geared to the proposed landing site . I doubt 
NASA would send there boys and girls into  "hot zones" so the need for 
preacauitons asgainst terrestrial cross contaminationis is emphasised.

Lets hope we get it right first time.

The exciting thing is if life exists there and if it is DNA based it  would 
seem it might have exceptionally elegant nuclearic repair mechanisms.

This is interesting ;-


Best N10 ( I feel much better  and I have complete faith in the Mission)

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