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>> This MArs research is exciting stuff
>> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/in_depth/sci_tech/2003/race_for_mars/default.stm
>> The possibilty of life in the subterraian  OCEANS  is keeping me awake at 
>> night, I mean it . What does everyone else think, feel , hope  about 
>> this. It could mean a major  biological and philosophical   event is just 
>> 10 billion dollars away .
> The fact that they've now found a frozen ocean, plus methane, ammonia and 
> formaldehyde - all of which are not stable in the Nartian atmosphere for 
> more than 10 years - is beginning to look more and more hopeful that it's 
> there AND active.
> Ir was my student-time ambition to be the first microbiologist to 
> Mars.......
> Lesley Robertson
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> http://www.beijerinck.bt.tudelft.nl

Even if Im not to be  the first microbiologist to get to mars  ( even the 
102nd lol ) Im living for that day we hear the magic words "Life on MArs". 
"It" all changes
then it beomes  galatactic community time. New morals, new agendas and 
imperatives  and of course above all NEW FOOD.  Starngely the news " Fossils 
on MArs" would also be equally  exciting thoug less edible of course . I 
suppose eventaully it will be " Burgers  on MArs" then " Extinct species on 
Mars " what about "MArtian Independance Day" lol. It s all just so exciting 
Id give everyhting I own right now including my Fender Stratocaster to spend 
one day  living up the line 200 years from now.

I suppose more importantly than microbiologists on Mars  we need to send a 
cleaning crew to MArs to tidy up the junk rapidly accumlualting  on its 
surface and least but not last,  Inspectors to find the hidden  the weapons 
of mass destruction  we all been a hunting  for.

Have an great weekend

Best N10 Astronaught candidate

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