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> Thanks, Lesley and N10 for this lively, enjoyable discussion and 
> protocols!  Sounds like we are back to good old days in this group when 
> people thought and wrote about micro.
> I like watching cyanobacterial races.  Take Oscillatoria or Trichodesmium 
> strains, put a grid into your microscope's left ocular (calibration is 
> optional - HA!) and measure the speed of cyanobacterial movement on a 
> slide, agar coating slows it down but makes watching and recording easier. 
> The speed changes a lot depending on what you add to the medium and on the 
> illumination source and intensity.  Group chemicals by the extent of their 
> effect on the speed.  Chemicals that affect photosynthesis will be most 
> effective.  This exercise requires no staining, no immersion objective if 
> you do not have one.
Thanks. That's sounds like a good one for my first years in next year's 
round of pracs.
Lesley Robertson

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