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>> Hello every one, I'm a biology student in a University, and I truelly 
>> need
>> your assistance in choosing a good topic for an undergraduate 
>> microbiology
>> project. We tried isolating and quantitatively analyzing bacteria from
>> common uncooked food products found in a grocery store such as chicken 
>> meat,
>> fish, beef, and yogurt as a control.
> How about something I'm doing with one of my practical classes at the 
> moment - isolating light-producing bacteria from fish. You need liquid and 
> solid artificial sea water medium (I won't bother posting the recipes 
> unless you decide to do it) and fresh, untreated sea fish with the skins 
> on. One method involves taking a slice of fish, JUST covering it with 
> liquid ASW in an oxygen-permeable container and then leaving it at 4-8C 
> for a few days. The other (older) method involves just scraping a sterile 
> needle down the skin of the fish and then streaking this onto ASW agar. 
> Incubate at room temp or at 4-8C. Wait for things to glow in the dark (you 
> need real darkness), then streak one of the glowing colonies until you get 
> pure cultures. my students are comparing growth conditions such as 
> temperature, substrate (glycerol, glucose, acetate, that sort of thing), 
> commercial ASW vs our own recipe, and dissolved oxygen levels. If things 
> go well, you can end up with cultures like the one on this web page 
> http://kuenen.bt.tudelft.nl/page6.html .
> Lesley Robertson

What truelly artistic work Lesely, Im impressed.

best N10

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